Are you a Mapping Guru?

With Petrosys it's almost impossible to avoid. Petrosys provides the best mapping, 3D viz, surface modeling, and volumetrics combination for integrating data from a range of applications.

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Thinking about purchasing the Introduction to Petrosys course?  Do you want to trial a module to get a feel for the training delivered in the course?  Why not try before you buy by taking the free Spatial Editor course!  This is a stand alone free course on offer so that you can not only get a feel for the online training delivery, but also gain some knowledge in how to use the Petrosys Spatial Editor.  In the module the user will run through a theory section on the Spatial Editor, run a tutorial to create a field outline polygon from existing contour and fault files using the Petrosys Spatial Editor and do a short quiz. Time to complete is approximately 30 minutes total, however the course can be stopped and started without having to repeat sections. Read More

MID YEAR 50% DISCOUNT OFFER Discounted cost for purchase is US $300.     ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Introduction to Petrosys is designed as a 1 day introduction for the new user. Areas covered such as essential concepts, map creation and surface modeling will enable the new user to utilize the most important modules in Petrosys in a confident and efficient manner. This course contains the following sections: Agenda and Introduction Software Introduction Coordinate Reference Systems Map Sheets Petrosys Concepts Displaying Data Introduction to Surface Modeling 3D Viewer Printing and Plotting For help during this course please contact This course is valid for 90 days from the commencement date. Read More

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